Ploharji Fertility is enchanted by plohers Vloko ploha, which is known in Cirkovce na Dravskem polje, is associated with the old ritual of enchanting fertility. When no girl from the village got married in the pre-holiday period, the boys arranged for the towing of a plow, a pine trunk; today, girls are also involved. At the head of the procession are a musician and another with a bridesmaid. Three pairs [[]

Carnival dancers

Carnival dancers Carnival dancers from Pobrežje Carnival dancers from Pobrežje are something special among carnival customs. A few dancing couples, musician, kurent and jajčarica wish happiness and abundance in farmhouses with music and dance. All members of the group, except the horned kurent, are dressed in robes. The most remarkable part of the outfit are the high semicircular hats worn by the dancers. []

The Whip Crackers

Pokači Annunciators of the beginning of the carnival Carnival Pokač is a traditional carnival character who announces the beginning of the carnival time among the first carnival characters. According to tradition, already in the night immediately after the candlestick, boys and men fold heavy whips, which were carefully woven from hemp ropes and raffia during the pre-holiday period. With loud bursts of whips spreading in […]


Russians From homestead to homestead, a Russian drives mad people A Russian is a carnival animal with which carnival schemes want fertility and health in horses and other livestock. In our area, the rusa is most often found in the villages of Ptujsko polje, where its bearers are hidden under a wooden frame with a sackcloth. In front is a wooden head, again with sheep […]


Villas The dancing and singing heralds of the good Villa are a specialty of the Ptuj field from the 1930s, when the girls first joined the boys' carnival. They dress in white dresses, with a knit over their shoulders and a paper crown on their head. In the courtyard or in the house, they stand in a circle and dance around the queen, who has […]

Traditional ethnographic characters

Traditional ethnographic characters In the history of mankind, masks occupy an important place in terms of their prevalence. Millennia ago, people tried to make contact with the afterlife, demons, gods, ancestral spirits, because they wanted to understand and influence what was happening in nature and in the community. Already with the old carnival dating back to pre-Christian times, people with […]