Kurentovanje in Ptuj

3.-13. februar 2024

Lonely Planet singled out Kurentovanje as one of the ten best carnivals in the world, on par with those in Venice, Rio de Janeiro, and New Orleans. The carnival is an excellent opportunity to see not only the door-to-door rounds of Kurents that UNESCO put on its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, but to also observe a number of folk and carnival parades, meet traditional and modern carnival characters, go to a masquerade and so much more. Kurentovanje features a number of parades, the carnival promenade, presentations of traditional costumes, concerts, masquerade balls, exhibitions, and so much more, divided into ArtFest, EtnoFest, and KarnevalFest.

2. 2. 2024
Petek, ob polnoči
Current/current jump
The beginning of the carnival season is heralded by a particularly mystical event. At midnight and by the glow of the fire, the curents put on their bells for the first time and begin to ward off winter and evil by ringing loudly.
3. 2. 2024
Opening ethnic procession
Don't miss a unique ethnographic experience that offers a valuable insight into picturesque carnival customs. Many traditional carnival characters will keep you company on the streets and squares of Ptuj. The handover of power takes place at 11:00. After the procession, you are invited to a party with the music band Recession and Carnival ringarajanja.
7. 2. 2024
Day of Kurent and Korant groups
Med Kurentovanjem je sreda vsako leto rezervirana za Dan kurentovih in korantovih skupin, ko mesto preplavi na stotine rogatih in pernatih kurentov/korantov!
9. 2. 2024
A night spectacle
The night has its own power - even for the carnival! It will attract many mysterious characters to the carnival-decorated streets of Ptuj and conjure up a spectacular play of darkness and light.
Galerija Magistrat
Ex-tempore Ptuj karneval 2024: Otvoritev razstave
Mednarodna likovna nagrada Ex-tempore Ptuj karneval. Podelitev nagrad dobitnikom in otvoritev razstave njihove aktualne produkcije ob 64. Kurentovanju. Organizator/Organizer: Jernej Forbici, KUD Art Stays
10. 2. 2024
City carnival promenade
It’s time to show off your mask! Become a part of this tradition, put on a mask, and join the promenade with masked townspeople. The promenade first started already in the 19th century, and now you can help us preserve this wonderful tradition.
11. 2. 2024
International Carnival Parade
Do not forget to mark Kurentovanje on your calendar today. Ptuj’s streets and squares will be filled several thousands of carnival and traditional costumes, who will tell the stories of the past, future and present.
12. 2. 2024
A procession of children from kindergartens
The children's carnival parade is co-organized with the Ptuj Kindergarten. It is attended by children of the 2nd age group from entire Slovenia, which awaken the spring in the streets of the oldest Slovenian city.
staro mestno jedro
Meet indigenous carnival characters and masks
Ptuj je prestolnica etnografije, kjer lahko od blizu spoznate tradicionalne pustne like. Ob večerih jih lahko vidite v osrčju najstarejšega slovenskega mesta.
13. 2. 2024
Torek, staro mestno jedro, predaja oblasti in pokop pusta
Shrove Tuesday and Burial Shrove
Na Ptuju je slovo od pusta še posebej praznično. Opoldne odložimo delo in se pridružimo zabavam v mestu ter njegovih lokalih. Tudi vi se pridružite edinstvenemu urbanemu pustovanju, ki se zavleče v pozne večerne ure. Odvijeta se tudi predaja oblasti in pokop pusta.


Curing 2024
Curing 2024

Traditional ethnographic characters

the most important ethnographic figure
Old Woman Carrying Her Man
spirits of heaven
from Dornava
The Devil
fear, fear, is coming
Jürek and Rabolj
from Haloze
The Trough
the straw bride
Wedding Character – the Spearman
marital character
Kurike and piceki
for a good harvest
The Mischievous Bear
from Ptuj field
draw a magic circle
to enchant fertility
Carnival dancers
from Pobrežje
The Whip Crackers
for happiness and well-being
from Ptuj field
dancing and singing
Traditional ethnographic characters